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Ten Commandments
MCM Residents


The residents are advised not to keep excessive cash, jewellery or other valuables with them. The college does not take any responsibility in this matter.



All purchases from the college shops must be paid for in cash.



The residents are expected to be decently dressed up in Hostel Premises.



The residents taking coaching from outside must return by 6.30 pm.



A day scholar is not permitted to visit or stay in the hostel without the permission of Principal.



Caution money will be refunded to a resident only after she has cleared all the dues and properly handed over the possession of the room.



Caution money, if not claimed within one year after leaving the hostel, will stand lapsed.



Parents/ Local Guardians must come personally when a resident vacates the Hostel. The visitors - Identity Card (for local guardians & parents) must be returned to the warden at the end of the session.



The Principal reserves the right to change any of the Hostel rules and dues. The changes shall be binding on the residents.



A wrong statement of facts or wilful concealing of information shall be viewed seriously.


MCM functions on the belief that quality engenders quality. With the learner-centric focus of ascertaining that our products have an edge over the rest, we constantly endeavour to give them the best. Our enlivening Hostel, located on
the college premises comprises six sprawling blocks, furnished with the latest amenities to provide a home away from home to approximately 1000 students. It is one of the most sought after destinations for accommodation across the region for its facilities and secure atmosphere.

Being ahead of times and environmentally conscious, we boast of an eco-friendly green building with a rain harvesting system and vermi-composting pit for garbage disposal. There are designer rooms for quality lifestyle, spacious common rooms for developing personal bonds, Friends Lounge for strengthening friendship. Evening cafeteria for tasty bites in the evening and Ru-ba-roo for the exchange of creative ideas.

Every attempt is undertaken to provide a conducive and congenial ambience of care and mutual co-operation to ensure that the stay of each resident is comfortable, memorable and academically fruitful.

We hope that the Hostel residents would join us in our efforts to create an environment, favourable for academic as well as creative pursuits by displaying a keen sense of discipline and decorum on the premises.

Hostel Admission ________________________________________________________  
Mere submission of application form does not ensure admission.
Admission is strictly on merit and on the availability of seats.
Admission will be provisional till the time of declaration of University Examination results.

The students seeking admission to the Hostel are to submit the Hostel form appended to the Hostel prospectus on the day of college admission, duly signed by the parents / guardians.


All students, old and new, seeking Hostel accommodation are required to fill in the Hostel form at the time of applying for admission to the college.


All Hostel seekers should first approach their respective Class Admission Committee and later report to the Hostel Admission Committee.


A fitness certificate by a competent medical authority should be attached. The medical certificate should carry the information of the blood group of the girl. If a girl is suffering from any allergy or sensitivity to any medicine, then the same may also be mentioned. Students suffering from any chronic or infectious disease like asthma, T.B., epilepsy or hysteria will not be admitted. Any wrong declaration will result in the cancellation of hostel seat and / or forfeiture of security on detection.

A copy of the medical certificate must also be attached with the Visitor's form.

The Principal holds the discretion to grant or refuse admission to the Hostel to any student without giving any reason.

Requirement for Hostel Admission __________________________________________

Hostel fee will be accepted online through www.feejunction.com or Demand Draft in favour of Principal, MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh.



No cash will be accepted.



Fee and dues once paid will not be refunded



Fee is to be deposited only after the completion of college and hostel admission process. It is mandatory to collect college fee slip and hostel fee slip before making the payment.



Before making payment verify the total amount of fee with the amount mentioned in fee slip. In case of any discrepancy, please check the entries.



The onus of paying the correct fee, is on the student.

List of documents to be attached with the Hostel Admission form  _________________
Detailed marks card of the previous exam passed.
Medical fitness certificate.
Date of Birth certificate.
18 passport size photographs of the candidate.
4 passport size photographs of the parents.
4 copies of photographs of local guardians.
  Note : Photographs should not be attached but carried along by the resident.
Value added facility in hostel _______________________________________________
Well furnished rooms to create home-like environs.
Bathrooms with latest fittings to take care of your hygiene.

Well-equipped "Medical Room" and "Dental Clinic" with qualified doctors to offer prompt medical care as and when required.


Artfully designed Reading Lounge that provides a suitable academic ambience for longer study hours without disturbance.


Two messes equipped with desert cooler, T.V. and music system that provides sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bain Marie heating facility is provided for quick services.


Fully modernized kitchen with latest equipments to offer neat and clean ambience with hygienic food.

Indoor games and Outdoor games to take care of your health and keep you fresh.

Home Theater facility to switch on channels of your choice and tune your evening according to your mood.


An evening cafeteria with wide variety of snacks, baked items, cold drinks, South Indian and Punjabi food is also provided.

Vigilance  ______________________________________________________________

The principal may inspect the hostel every now and then to ensure the residents are comfortable and are also utilizing their time for studies.


Any kind of misbehaviour in the mess would be considered as an act of indiscipline which is liable to punishment.


The Principal / Hostel Warden reserve the right to censor correspondence of the resident.


All rooms, including almirahs and belongings, are open to inspection by the persons authorized by the Principal.

Celebration of Birthday parties is not allowed in the rooms.
Food facility  ___________________________________________________________
Good vegetarian Indian & Chinese food at reasonable rates is served in the hostel.
No reduction is made in the mess charges even if a resident stays away.

Meals will be served in the dining room only. Food is not to be brought to the room without the permission of the Hostel Warden.


Residents must observe meal timings. Meals will not be served before or after the fixed hours.

Residents are expected to come properly dressed to the dining hall.
  The cooking area is not open to the residents.
Hostel maintenance _____________________________________________________

Furniture will be  provided by the College. The residents  will be held responsible for any breakage or  damage to the furniture and other hostel  property. Repair charges for any damages  including electric switches, window panes etc.  will have to be paid for by the resident concerned. She will have to return the furniture issued to her, before she leaves the hostel. Room must be left clean on vacating.



The hostel residents should not  paint  or paste posters on the walls and doors of their rooms / corridors. Defaulters would be fined.



Residents are warned against tampering with the electric installations. Lights and fans must be switched off when not in use.



Use of personal electrical appliances in the hostel is strictly banned.



The hostel is closed daily from 10. a.m. to 12.00 noon for cleaning purpose.


Rules for Vacating the hostel _______________________________________________


Residents who wish to vacate the hostel during the session must apply to the Principal in person through the hostel warden. The presence of the parents is mandatory for this purpose.


At the end of the session residents may leave the Hostel only after clearing all dues and taking the University exams.



It is mandatory to stay in the Hostel during all University Examination. Appearing in the examination from outside shall be treated as indiscipline and no Hostel reservation shall be given.


Outing rules ____________________________________________________________


Outing will be allowed to residents only with parents / local guardians with prior permission taken in writing.


However, the students may be given permanent authority by their parents on a printed Proforma on the basis of which they may be allowed to go out on their own (Printed forms will be available with Wardens/ college office).


A resident can leave the hostel only on outing days and needs to obtain a gate-pass from the hostel warden for the same and one pass is valid for one student only. Residents must enter their timing of departure and arrival in the outing register (DAY out / Night out / coaching).


The resident should positively return to the hostel  by 6 pm otherwise she will not be allowed to enter without the permission of the Principal.


Residents will strictly adhere to the timings of their return i.e. 6.00 pm in case of DAY OUTS and attendance time in case of NIGHT OUTS. The next day out / night out stand cancelled in case of reporting late. Students are not authorized to convert day out into night out even on parental consent.


The warden has the right to deny outing to a resident in case of returning late from NIGHT OUT / any kind of misconduct.


Residents will not be allowed to stay in the hostel during the summer vacation after the University Examinations (theory and practical) are over.


Students are expected to report on the day of the reopening of the college after the holidays failing which may lead to cancellation of their hostel seat.


If a resident frequently overstays during her leave, her hostel seat may be cancelled and it may also entail refusal of admission to the college in the next session.


Leave rules _____________________________________________________________


Warden can grant leave only on weekends and not during college days and timings. Special permission of the Principal is required to leave the hostel for attending birthday / engagement / wedding of the relatives. The wedding card and letter from parents with the proof of their identity should be attached with their leave application. In all such cases, parents must write to the Principal at least two days in advance. Only 3 days leave will be granted for the wedding of the siblings


Residents will be granted permission to attend family functions only if they have the requisite attendance in classes, have appeared in the September and December examinations and have adhered to the rules and regulations of the college.


If any student extends her leave period for night stay, the parents / guardian should inform the hostel warden in advance.


The warden can sanction leave up to two days. Any leave more than that needs the sanction of the Principal.


A leave of not more than 3 days will be granted in case of any exigency. The Principal is the only authority who would grant leave in such cases.


The residents can avail the services of Consultants / Physician / Gynecologist / Dentist within the college premises. The college provides the facility doctor-on-call in case of emergency. Consultation with outside doctors shall be permitted only on prescribe outing days. Residents are advised to fix appointments with outside doctors accordingly. No out-of-turn applications for visits to any outside doctors will be entertained.


Attendance shall not be granted for medical leave or any other leave taken by the student.

Students who do not report for 20 days will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.

Mess rules _____________________________________________________________

Various verities of good vegetarian food at reasonable rates are served in the hostel mess.
No reduction is made in the mess charges even if a resident stay away.
Meals will be served in the Dining Hall only.
Students must observe all mess rules in the Dining Hall.

Meals will not be served before or after the fixed hours. Residents must observe meal timings.

Residents are expected to come decently dressed to the dining hall.
The cooking area is not open to the residents.
Residents must behave properly with the mess staff.
Rules for Room allotment _________________________________________________
Rooms are allotted to the students as per their respective classes and streams.

Room preference taken from the students is only tentative and not binding on the Hostel Authorities.



The students should indicate their choice of room-mates in the Hostel Admission form clearly indicating the class, roll number and contact number of the students they are giving preference to.



In case a student changes her stream after Hostel admission (from BA to B.Sc./BB/BCA or vice-versa) the Hostel committee should be informed on the same day so that the student is allotted a room with the boarders of her own class.



Students admitted late will be allotted rooms as per availability. No preference shall be entertained in such cases.



All decision regarding room allotment and change are finally at the discretion of the Principal and the Hostel Committee.


Criteria for reservation ____________________________________________________


Hostel seat is allotted for one academic year only.



Admission will have to be sought afresh in every academic session.



Under Graduate students from the final year of various streams cannot reserve a seat for the Post Graduate courses.



The reservation of the hostel seat for the next session is done before leaving the hostel. However the seat may be denied to the old resident if her conduct, attendance and result of house tests and annual examinations have not been upto mark.


Even after the confirmation of the hostel seat, it is mandatory for every student to report on the scheduled admission date for their respective class. No separate intimation of same will be sent by the college.



Reservation can be claimed only on the first two days of admission.



5 seats are reserved for the foreign students.

For kind attention of Parents / Guardians / Visitors

For parents_____________________________________________________________


At the time of joining the  hostel, the Parents / Guardian are required to submit to the Principal the name and address of the local guardians on a specified form.


It is mandatory for the parents to put down their signature in front of the Hostel Committee.

Identity card will be issued to the parents and local guardian by the hostel authority.

Any facts / documents/ correspondence from parents must be certified as genuine by the concerned resident.


Parents are advised to check the attendance card, house test results, and record of the outing and night-outs of their wards. Parents are to sign the I-Card on monthly basis.


Students should open an SBI Core Bank Account in their home towns and carry their ATM cards along for convenient monetary transaction. The same account can be operated from the SBI extension counter in the college.


Change of address / telephone no. to be informed to the warden in writing by the parents.


For Local guardians_______________________________________________________

Only a married couple above 30 yrs is eligible to be the local guardians.
Single male / female shall not be considered as local guardians.

In case of loss of Identity card of the local guardians, a duplicate card can be issued only in presence of the parents on a payment of Rs. 50/-.


For Visitors _____________________________________________________________

Visitors are allowed only on visiting days during visiting hours.

A resident is allowed to meet visitors only with the prior permission of the Warden and after making an entry in the visitors register.

The visitors will meet their wards in the reserved place.
No parents / Guardians are allowed to go to the resident's room.

Attention Hostellers ______________________________________________________

Residents are not allowed to visit any block/room other than their own.

Residents are not permitted to stay in the hostel from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. In case of any emergency, special permission from the Warden must be taken. Any resident found staying in the room without permission shall be penalized.


Parents are not allowed to visit the Hostellers at the main gate. In case they wish to hand over anything to the residents, they should leave it at the gate between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, specifying the particulars of their ward.


Attendance in evening assembly is compulsory for all residents. Mobiles are not allowed during assembly time.


Any kind of shouting, creating rumours, knocking or any other act likely to create disturbance is strictly prohibited within the Hostel premises.


Residents should observe proper discipline in common room and mess and follow a formal dress code.

Meals and eatables should not be taken to the rooms.
Mobile phones can be used in the rooms only.

Any matter of dispute with fellow boarders should be reported immediately to the Warden / Principal.


Residents must observe study hours strictly from 10.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Lights must be switched off after study hours.


They must be in their rooms from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am. Action will be taken against the student found absent from her room or moving about during the above mentioned hours.


Residents must switch off fans and lights before leaving for night out, day out and during college hours.


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